Cloud servers are a smart choice for your business. The benefits are practically endless.


You can use as much or as little storage space as you need with no limits, so your business grows at the pace you want.


With cloud servers, your team can access any data anywhere, and you don’t need to devote a lot of space to servers and other equipment. And, contrary to popular belief, a properly-configured cloud server can actually be MORE secure than a traditional on-premise server.


But when using a cloud server, you must take proper precautions to ensure it remains secure.


A recent report has found that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting cloud servers as an entry point for launching attacks.


4 of every 10 businesses that have been hacked say their cloud server was how the cyber criminals got in.


Sadly, this figure is increasing by 10% every year.


Why? It’s because companies don’t spend enough time and money securing their cloud servers.


If you want to keep your data safe, don't skimp on your cloud servers. The free ones aren't as secure and can be unreliable.


You are likely to get a higher level of security and encryption with a paid-for cloud server than with a free service. Paying for a reliable service will be more cost-effective in the long run.


Make sure your business does research before choosing a cloud server to ensure it meets your needs and is as safe as possible.


It's much easier to ask a professional, like us, to do the work for you.


We also advise that you always follow these few standard security measures:


Encourage your team to use password management software that generates separate, long, and random passwords for every login. Password managers are great because they remember your passwords, which means you don’t have to. They also autofill login boxes, which makes entering your credentials more secure and convenient.


It's also a good idea to train everyone in your firm about cybersecurity. Business emails are the second-most likely place for an attack to start, after social media sites.


The first line of defense against cyberattacks should always be asking yourself if what you are seeing looks right.


You can't prevent all attacks, but if you take the right steps to keep your business safe, you decrease the chances of suffering from one.


If you’re looking to choose a cloud server for your business, we can help – get in touch.